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Love of the Sea to be Published!


We are proud to announce that Lauren A. R. Masterson, aka Alice Liddell has signed a contract with Ink Smith Publishing to publish the high fantasy novel “Love of the Sea.”  This fantasy fiction details the romance and struggles between the crown prince of a coastal kingdom, and an exiled mermaid princess.  Cormack and Asrai (respectively) take the typical narrative of a fantasy romance and turn it on its head.  Asrai is a strong-willed sorceress mer who is determined to win Cormack’s heart, and eventually his soul for her triumphant return to the underwater kingdom of Sulu.  This story was first created with the “What if?  And then.  Oh Shit!” exercise in Tina Jens’ Fantasy Fiction class.  Tina acted as a mentor in the early stages of this story to carve out true conflict and character development.  Since then, author Lauren aka Alice took on major story revisions to create the completed work that is set to be published.  As a 2011 graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Lauren aka Alice credits her education, the guidance and friendship of Tina Jens, and the overwhelming support from the local writing community for making all this possible.


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