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Alice the Author and Artist

I am a creative soul.  The world is my blank page.  My mind is my canvas.

Alice Liddell aka Lauren A. R. Masterson

Welcome to the ultimate portfolio of my work!  My writing and artwork go hand in hand.  Please enjoy my catalog of published books, my digital art gallery, and my blog featuring updates and behind the the scenes info about my process.

Realizing Limitations

I’m still working through getting everything put away and doing my post-con work. I learned at lot at Chicago WorldCon, one of the biggest things being that I am more disabled than I have allowed myself to admit. My friend Dara helped me to really realize this. I’ve always been one to do everything by…

WindyCon 2021

I have been out of the convention circuit since the COVID pandemic hit. My last convention was March 14-15, 2020 the Geneva Steam Convention – The Zozzling 20s. I knew it was going to be my last convention for a while, as news about the pandemic was brewing. But I had no idea that I…

Ramblings of a Glass Mind – Learning While Reading

Reading for fun and reading for research are two very different processes for me; but sometimes they overlap. Typically, when I’m reading a book for research, I read slowly, make notes with heaps of sticky notes, and have Google pulled up to supplement details of what I’ve read. When I read for pleasure, I’m just…