Alice the Author and Artist

I am a creative soul.  The world is my blank page.  My mind is my canvas.

Alice Liddell aka Lauren A. R. Masterson

Welcome to the ultimate portfolio of my work!  My writing and artwork go hand in hand.  Please enjoy my catalog of published books, my digital art gallery, and my blog featuring updates and behind the the scenes info about my process.

Ramblings of a Glass Mind – The Freja and Alex Romance “Series”

I’m often asked which book “comes first” when it comes to the Freja and Alex Romance “series”.  And the answer is, none of them. The current three books can be read in any order, as each book is a stand-alone storyline.  Each book features the same characters in the same “world”. However, It is notContinue reading “Ramblings of a Glass Mind – The Freja and Alex Romance “Series””

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